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About Us

We De-complicate
& Humanise Data


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IN 2016

Every business is now a data business. Nudgyt was founded as an AI-augmented intelligence to help humans revolutionalize data.


Our vision is simple. We want to remove complexity and create actionable solutions suited for your personality


Nudgyt uses cutting-edge AI technology that understands your preferences and habits over time, translating that into a Nudge aligned to your needs.

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The humans behind Nudgyt.

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“An average driver intuitively learns how to use a commercial app, but managers take months to adapt to new corporate software. Why?”

That was the question that sparked the journey of Nudgyt. With over 30 years of combined experience in Artificial Intelligence and Behavioural Science, we set out to end long adoption and adjustment periods of digital transformation projects.

Commercial apps often use nudges — bite-sized prompts that reward their users for taking action. However, most corporate software does not take advantage of this powerful tool, often overwhelming their users with graphs and dashboards.

What if you could condense data into a two-sentence nudge (supported by behavioural science), to recommend you the best courses of action? But we went one step further: AI curated nudges specifically tailored to a user’s personality

Nudgyt harnesses the power of behavioural science to improve various use cases: talent management, customer journeys, education, and more!

Start your journey to greater ease and productivity with Nudgyt today.

Leadership Team

Nudgyt is led by a team who constantly challenges the norm, relentless in the pursuit of creating a transformative impact.

Rose Siow

Chief Executive Officer

Rose has over 20 years of experience in investment banking in the Southeast Asian region. In addition, she has a proven record of accomplishments in commercializing small businesses and start-ups. Her practical and collaborative approach to business strategy, development, and transformation has been pivotal in precipitating step-up transitions for start-ups and other companies. Rose is an honors graduate of the University of Manchester.

Kathleen Yu
Co-Founder / Chief Data Scientist

A former MIT Research partner who pioneered Machine Learning in talent management, Kathleen founded her first AI company while still in college. A graduate of the University of the Philippines, she is also leading at the forefront of research on deep learning for Behavioral Science. For her groundbreaking work, Kath is regularly featured as a speaker in technology-focused events, providing mentorship and sharing her insights with other industry leaders. In 2017, the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network recognized Kathleen as an ASEAN Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur.

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Chew Shao Yong
Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer


Spending almost a decade running operations for different organizations, Shao has tremendous operational experience, particularly in developing administrative and delivery teams for fast-moving start-ups. He has also taken charge of defining and liaising with various start-up ecosystem stakeholders and regulatory bodies. Shao is a graduate of Nanyang Technological University.

Vladimir “VJ” Manuel
Chief Growth Officer


VJ is a serial intrapreneur, having initiated, developed, incubated, founded, and managed new business lines, products, or companies. A graduate of Fordham University's MBA program, he has more than two decades of experience from SAP America, Digitas NY, International Institute for Learning (IIL), and critical leadership positions in Globe Telecom, AXA Philippines, and Pointwest Technologies. VJ also co-founded five non-profits and served on boards of others related to social empowerment and youth & women's development. VJ received a Presidential Award as an Outstanding Overseas Filipino for empowering Filipino Americans and promoting Philippine national development.

Jack Tsai
Chief Technical Officer

With over 20 years of experience in multiple development teams, Jack has been critical in developing system architectures, designs, and numerous consumer and enterprise applications. His experiences and work, notably in Acer, resulted in developing cutting-edge systems that eased workflows and processes. He has also been involved in co-founding and mentoring various start-ups in Asia. Jack is a graduate of Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology.

Arianne Sayo

People Operations Lead


Arianne has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, focusing on Talent Acquisition, Administration, Employee Engagement, and Management. With stints at various organizations such as Sandstone Technology, SM Retail, and Capgemini Philippines, she ensures that people are always at the forefront of overall strategies and initiatives. Arianne is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas.

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Awards and Recognition


At Nudgyt, we are proud to celebrate achievements and recognitions because it's a reflection of how our transformative vision impacts the world.


PLDT Logo.png

Winner, PLDT-Smart StartUp

Innovation Challenge


Awardee, Highway to 100 Unicorns


Winner, Philippine Regional Finals


Regional Representative, Global Startup World Cup Championship


Winner, APAC Global Innovation Challenge

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Regional Winner

AWEN logo.png

Winner, ASEAN Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur

PHSW22 Top 100 (Colored).png

Top 100 Startup, Philippine Startup Week

Technology Partners



Nudgyt is fortunate to have partners that have been present even when the company was still in its infancy. These partners have been tremendous in becoming a source of technological support and mentorship, helping the company develop and explore its impact in the market.

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Tech Partners
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