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Transcom Incorporated Nudgyt’s Intelligent Perfect Talent Fit Solution and Benefited from a 247% Increase in Productivity.

AI uses accurate data to produce powerful business insights – often better than humans can. In doing so, it provides the ability to observe and process the large volumes of data, emerging as a secret weapon for beleaguered team leaders. AI gives team leaders a comprehensive view of the business, so they don’t make decisions with very limited and often biased input.

Transcom partnered with Nudgyt to increase the productivity of their talents. More importantly, Transcom was keen to distinguish itself from other call centres by developing a unique selling point to become the premier go-to experts in the industry via the Perfect Fit Agents. Perfect Fit Agents would meet the requirements of each client instead of operating with the standard one-size-fits-all approach. 

The recruitment study centred on an AI data-driven algorithm predicated on personality and behavioural factors which would be used to determine talent suitability for specific client accounts. The stacked AI modules and machine learning then batched differentiated types of talent according to performance KPIs. Nudgyt was able to develop a dynamic process that enabled recruiters to constantly update their recruitment decisions as the AI system was continually learning from the data-driven definitions of the “ideal” talent specific to each role and client account. 

What Senior Management at Transcom Say About Nudgyt

Jay Altura, Talent Acquisition Head of Transcom enthused, “A robust and unique product! We are so pleased to have implemented Nudgyt’s products: the AI works and has been critical in helping us land major clients. Thank you, Nudgyt!”

Jun Abo, a 6-year veteran of Transom and former VP of Talent Acquisition, said, “The time spent interviewing, assessing candidates and then training new hires was colossal and Sisyphean. There had to be a better way, and there is: Nudgyt”.


Jun Abo, former VP of Talent Acquisition, has the last word, “Nudgyt worked when everything we tried did not. It is our secret weapon.”


We can be your secret weapon too. Contact us to find your Perfect Fit success team

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